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3D printed wear-resistant gears

Switch gear now: up to 80% more wear-resistant than conventional plastics

► No downtime: calculate 3D printed gear service life online
► Fast manufacturing: ready to ship in three days
► No minimum order quantity: from 1 to 10,000 pieces

3D printed gear fast online order: upload gear CAD and calculate prices

Gear CAD configurator

No CAD at hand? With our gear configurator, you can create a gear model with individual dimensions in less than 60 seconds.

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Free 3D printed gear sample

Still not convinced? See for yourself: we will gladly send you a free 3D printed gear sample.

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Plastic gears in wear test

Test parameters:

  • Torque 4.9Nm
  • Speed: 12rpm
  • Counter partner: hard anodised aluminium
  • Duration: two months
1st POM: 321,000 cycles: high wear
2nd POM: 621,000 cycles: downtime
3rd iglidur® I6: 1 million cycles: low wear

Recommended material

  • Due to its optimised sliding properties,  iglidur I6 is perfectly suited for worm gears
  • iglidur® I3  is characterised by higher strength and is especially suited for spur gears and helical-bevel gears as well as  for all other kinds of wear-resistant gears

More test results

Types of gears

With the igus 3D printing service, every type of wear-resistant and self-lubricating gear drive can be produced quickly and independently of mechanical tools. Apart from conventional models such as spur gear, worm wheel or bevel gear, the SLS procedure is also ideally suited in combination with the iglidur materials for elliptical gear, crown gear, racks, worm gears etc.  

Spur gear

Spur gear printed in 3D

Recommended material: iglidur I3

Worm gear

Worm gear printed in 3D

Recommended material: iglidur I6

Bevel gear

Bevel gear printed in 3D

Recommended material: iglidur I3

Customer application examples

3D printed plastic gears in use

Design guide for the 3D printing service

Design tips for 3D printing thread

Guideline for 3D printed gears

Gear brochure download

Additive manufacturing at igus

Further wear tests

3D printing with iglidur compared to PLA, ABS and other materials and manufacturing processes

Information on 3D printing at igus

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