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Inexpensive and compact: gearboxes for service robotics tasks

Injection-moulded components make the ReBeL® joint a cost-effective flyweight

With the ReBeL® series, igus® introduces for the first time low-cost robotics strain wave gears, with which 6 DOF robots, i.e. with six axes, can be implemented. This prototype is fundamentally different from the previous robolink® joints: instead of stepper motors, light, brushless direct current motors (BLDC motors), which already belong to the state of the art in service robotics, are used.

What makes ReBeL® so special?


  • Compact unit made up of joint, motor and motor control system

  • No control cabinet necessary

  • Lubrication-free components

  • Compatible with the igus Robot Control system

robolink® ReBeL joint

Robotic arm with robolink® ReBeL joints

Where is ReBeL® used?


  • Industrial and private applications as a cobot or service robot

  • Mobile applications

  • Collection and delivery services

  • Pick & place tasks

  • Assembly assistant

  • Loading and unloading dishwashers

Buy service robots or build them yourself


With the joints of the ReBeL series you can build your 6 DOF ReBeL robot, or e.g. a 3 DOF Scara robot. In future, you will be able to order the ReBeL service robot from us as a ready-made complete system.

robolink® ReBeL joint


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