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Cost down & tech up
motion plastics for
stage technology

Safe, quiet and invisible staging

Every stage is unique, which means that each and every component not only has to be powerful, durable and efficient but must also fit together perfectly. Theatre and stage construction present special technical challenges. These challenges include high loads, such as those found on crossbeams, stage lighting, stage sets or entire stage platforms, which must move safely and reliably. Furthermore, technical equipment must operate quietly and out of sight, so not to interfere with the performance. igus offers energy supply systems, highly flexible cables and polymer bearings that meet these exact requirements. As igus provides modular systems and a wide range of components, it is possible to implement customised applications quickly and easily.

The advantages of igus products for stage equipment and systems:

  • Energy and data cables and hydraulic hoses guided in one system
  • Quiet - 32 dB(A) - and low-vibration
  • Lightweight
  • For confined spaces or very high loads
  • High speeds and acceleration
  • Robust and easy to install
  • Simple installation and quick maintenance or repairs

New from April 2020

CRM rotary module

Rotation angle up to 6480°

▲ Tech up

No slip ring: works with every kind of cable (electricity, data,
air or fluids)

Can also be equipped with corrugated tubes

▼ Cost down

Cost-effective in case of repair (replacement of individual components possible)

Adaptable to technological development due to simple replacement of the
cable used

Find out more

e-chain autoglide 5

Horizontal travels set up quickly

▲ Tech up

Energy, data, air and liquids in ONE system

Often saves two or more other systems needed for transmitting data


▼ Cost down

Assembly times 88% shorter than those for the conventional standard solution with guide troughs

Find out more about autoglide 5
36-month guarantee on energy chains

Guarantee for energy chains

▲ Tech up

With a 36-month guarantee on all e-chain components that fail due to wear and tear

Guarantee that your application is designed exactly right

▼ Cost down

Always choose the most cost-effective e-chain that works safely

More information about the guarantee

Vertical guide trough for highly dynamic mini-loads and lifters

▲ Tech up

Very light iglidur polymer guide trough

Very safe – no exposed electrical conductors

▼ Cost down

guidelite ECO is available ready-to-install from €38/m (including trough, e-chain E2., filling 5 x single cores 6mm² plus bus or FOC cable)

More information about guidelite ECO

Here, motion plastics are already being used successfully

Industry solutions

Upper machinery

Upper machinery

The upper machinery includes lighting systems, PA loudspeaker systems and  crossbeams. This is another area where igus® energy supply systems show what they can do.

Lower machinery

Lower machinery

igus® energy supply systems have proven their worth in the lower machinery of the stage. They are deployed in the power supply systems for stage platforms and turntables.

Lighting equipment

Lighting equipment

In the field of lighting equipment, not only e-chains® are used but also maintenance and lubrication-free linear guides, slewing ring bearings and plain bearings.

General stage equipment

General stage equipment

igus® products also prove their worth in other stage equipment systems. They are used, for example, in the winches and lifting devices that form part of the stage equipment.

igus® test lab

Tested in the laboratory

All products are checked in the igus® test laboratory, the largest in the industry, under real-life conditions with regard to wear and durability. This makes it possible to accurately predict their service life. Upon request, igus® carries out customer tests so as to check the use of the products under completely unique conditions.

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