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Our values

Corporate culture - What we stand for

"We are all on very familiar terms with each other."

"On my first day at igus, the way things were done seemed somewhat unusual. Instead of closed office doors, there are only open spaces, supported by yellow pylons. Anyone can talk to anyone else. We are all on very familiar terms with each other. And the CEO sits right in the middle. This ensures easy and fast decision-making channels. I had never experienced anything like it before but I was immediately taken by it."
Kristiina Arnold, Content Manager

Kristiina Arnold, Content Manager

The igus® "solar system"

At igus, the customer is at the centre of all activities. For us, the customer is as important as the sun is for life on earth: it is a source of light, heat and energy. The customer gives us ideas and work, and enables us to grow and make progress. The "igus solar system" is firmly rooted in our corporate philosophy. Employees and teams orbit our customers like planets, make a note of their wishes and find solutions for their problems. If the customer is satisfied, so are we.
Even the architecture of the igus headquarters reflects the idea of the solar system. From a distance, the sun-yellow pylons can be seen pointing up into the sky. They support the factory building that surrounds them. This is why it does not have walls and ensures a high degree of flexibility.

Drawing of the igus® solar system Sketch of the igus® solar system from 1986

Our most important guiding principles

  • motion plastics improve movement
  • The customer is our sun. The customer gives us light and energy.  
  • No bosses, everyone is a manager. The customer comes first.
  • Have strength, do not be afraid to ask "why?".
  • Details count. We insist on the highest standards.
  • Clarity and honesty in everything that we do, say and write.
  • Yes, we can.
  • Success for our people through the success of our customers
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This is how the igus® factory functions

Become part of our team!

igus is an owner-run company with headquarters in Cologne-Porz and subsidiaries all over the world. We are always on the lookout for new staff who are willing to learn, are able to think independently and also ask the right questions. Become part of a dedicated team that tries to find the best solution for the customer, where the members of the team work together with clarity, openness and honesty.

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